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After earning a Ph.D. in German Language and Literature, I became an expert in reading and translating Old German script and Old German handwriting. Deciphering and translating Old German cursive handwriting has become my specialty, including Birth Certificates, Baptism Certificates, Marriage Licenses and Death Certificates.

Old German Gothic Handwriting & Printing

As one can see from the first two examples below, German printed and handwritten words of earlier times looked quite different from the styles of printing and handwriting Germans are using nowadays, which are similar to those used in English.

Over time, decipering and translating these Old German Gothic scripts (see list below) became obsolete. As a result, in 1941, they were replaced by the easier to read and write Latin script, which most Western European countries had used for centuries.

From then on, this Old German handwriting style was no longer taught in German schools.


To date, only the older people in Germany are familiar with reading the Old German cursive handwriting and this generation is slowly dying out.

Terms for Old German Gothic Scripts

Old German Gothic Handwriting

Old German Cursive Handwriting

Old German Penmanship

Old German Kurrent Handwriting

Old German Sütterlin Handwriting

Old German Fraktur Print

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