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Frequently Asked


  • What are your fees?
    Translating documents handwritten in the Old German Script: $0.25 per German word. Translating documents printed in Fraktur: $0.15 per German word. Transcribing documents handwritten in the Old German Script into Modern German: $0.15 per German word. Some jobs have to be charged by the hour. Hourly fee: $50.--
  • Do you have a minimum fee?
  • What payments do you accept?
    I prefer a personal check made out to Elke Hedstrom. I do not use PayPal or any other services.
  • Do I have to pay upfront?
    No, you can pay me after you have received the translation.
  • Do you translate anything from German into English?
    No, one needs to specialize because no one can be good in all areas. I accept only documents pertaining to German Genealogy.
  • How long does a translation take?
    I try not to have a backlog.
  • Do you need to see a document first before you can give a free estimate of the translation/transcription costs involved?
    Yes, I always need to see the document first before I can give a price quote.
  • What additional information do you need when I am sending you a document?
    Please give me as much information as you have, first and foremost, personal names and place names since they are very difficult to decipher in handwritten records. Submit as much of a document as you can because I need to see larger samples of a person's handwriting.
  • Do you prefer paper copies or high resolution scans?
    I prefer high resolution scans to paper copies because then I can enlarge, improve, etc. the document via Adobe Photoshop. Please send me a document as attachment to E-Mail not embedded into E-Mail. You can use Dropbox too if you have a lot of documents.
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