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How to submit church records


 Translation of Documents written in the Old German Script

  • Church records, family letters, diaries, emigration records, and other items of genealogical interest

 Translation of Contemporary Correspondence

  • Letters to German archives, churches, libraries, and private persons

 Translation of Historical Texts

  • Village and family histories


For a free estimate of the translation costs involved please send a copy of your document(s) to:

Dr. Elke Hedstrom
5727 Hummingbird Lane
Fairview, Texas 75069 / USA
Phone: (972) 954-7518


I marvel at your patience and persistence and the gift you have given us. You are so dedicated and thorough in all you do. I know that your work transcribing and translating other families' material has made an unbelievable impact on so very many families. K. H.

Dear Elke, thanks so much for your translations! Although I can pick out names, the details that you can provide give me new information and tell me more about their professions, homes, illnesses - their lives! Much appreciated! Kathy

Dear Dr. Hedstrom, I just wanted you to know how helpful your assistance has been in helping me search for my family. I thank you for your guidance and interpretations; without them I would still be looking in a haystack for that needle! S. B.


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