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  • About 60 personal letters and postcards spanning the years 1850 - 1877 written by relatives in Germany to their relatives in Texas.
  • Births, confirmations, marriages, deaths entries for the years 1791 to 1875 from a church book in Lower Saxony.
  • Numerous personal letters from 1939 to 1942 written by a German Jewish woman to her two oldest children she managed to send to safety in America in 1939 while she and her youngest daughter perished in a German concentration camp.
  • Several civil registration records from 1939.
  • Obituaries published in American newspapers.
  • Letters to German archives and long lost relatives in Germany.
  • Two ledger books of a German carpenter in Texas for the years 1858 - 1869 and 1881 - 1885, listing all of the purchases made by his customers.
  • Ancestor's Passport ("Ahnenpass"). These passports documented the Aryan lineage of citizens of Nazi Germany.
  • Summary of specific chapters from a German Village History Book.
  • A folder full of emigration records.
  • Researching German church book microfilms at the LDS (Mormons) Library.
  • Poems written in a Friendship Book ("Poesie Album").